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YJ Lin | Collaborating Visionary

Enabling discovery to Build Communities that Drive Ecosystem Development and Connected Human Experiences

YJ Lin has dedicated over a decade to orchestrating city-wide events all across North America through both nonprofit and corporate entities. His focus lies in uniting community leaders to discover strategies for building stronger sustainable ecosystems. Specializing in startups, culture, and volunteerism, YJ has been instrumental in fostering collaborative environments where ideas and visions come to life.


Professional Experience

2018 – Present

Sr. Program Manager @ Dell Technologies

As a Senior Program Manager at Dell for Startups, my role revolves on growing and developing strategic partnerships and events to engage over 3,000+ startups a month.

2016 – Present

Chief Fun Officer @ YorksGamepieces

As a passionate customizer in the board game industry, I’ve transformed a beloved pastime by infusing it with creativity and color. My journey involved managing and developing over 100 variations of game accessories through 3D prints, sparking joy and excitement in board game communities worldwide.

2009 – 2019

Event and Volunteer Coordinator @ Chinese Community Center

Plan and execute the largest Chinese cultural events in Houston while advocating volunteerism to bring the community together to celebrate culture and collaboration.

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